Monday, June 26, 2017

Ghost Story Collection From Singapore

During my stay in Singapore, I have heard and experienced some very strange things:

I rented a room in Bouna Vista during my on the job training. Once the landlord family went out for a week's tour to Taiwan leaving me alone.One evening I was sitting in a sofa reading newspaper and the TV set is just opposite me.

As I was flipping the newspaper, my eye sight suddenly cough hold of a long haired figure stood by behind me from the monitor reflection. This has shocked the living daylight out of me and instinctively I turned my head. But there wasn't anyone there!

I turned my head again to look at the TV monitor, there the figure was! It still stood silently behind me.

What else? I knew I have seen things... quickly and quietly, I put down the newspaper and went to bed early. Since I was alone, it is better safe than sorry. I didn't want to offend any ghosts as yet.

Before I moved out of the place, I asked my landlord if he has seen anything strange lately. And he said: "Ah, you must had seen my heirloom spirit as it would show itself to people at times..."
In another incident...

It was around 2am when my pal and I returned from pub hopping. As we was walking and chatting, we suddenly saw an old nanny burning joss papers by the road side.

At first we were not bothered but suddenly we thought that it was lunar 7th month and further... who will burn anything during this wee hour? Further,the old nanny has no feet....

So, we both shouted out: 'Run!" and we ran as fast as we could.As we ran, we turned our head and looked back. There weren't anyone there, not even traces of ashes!

One night, I returned from my training and as I walked to the front of a lift and found my shoe string has loosened.So I moved aside and bent down to tie my shoe lace.

At this time, a figure walked passed me and walked towards the lift.I instinctively raised my head and saw the lift door opened, and the figure entered the lift compartment.

It was quite normal and I continued tying my shoes.But after I finished tying my shoe lace, the lift didn't move at all. Feeling strange, I watched and watched and the lift stay put at ground floor still...

Feeling curious, I pressed on the door open button and to my surprised, the compartment is empty. In a state of shock, I rushed up the staircase two flights at one time!

This story is from my friend, Jane:

When Jane first came to Singapore, she rented a room in Commenwealth area. One day, she went out with her landlady to shop in Orchard Road.

Opposite them came a figure cladded in white robe. As they were approaching, Jane looked at the figure's face and to her shock, she saw the festering face of an old lady with a lot of pustules...

Before Jane can have a second thought, her landlady suddenly dragged her hand and ran as fast as they could while shouting: "Run! That thing is a ghost... it has no legs!!"

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Salt Selling @ Cemetery (坟场卖盐)

This is perhaps the most simple money magic specific to Singapore only. Of course, only those brave and desperate ones can perform this ritual.

According to local belief, ghosts need a large quantity of salt to prevent their bodies from further decomposing.

The method is the brave heart must first pack many small packets of salt to make sure that the salt supply will not stop. Otherwise, very things will happen.

Then before dusk, he/she must find a suitable place in the cemetery and squat down comfortably with his/her head stooped while waiting patiently for his/her potential 'customers'.

A note worthy thing is that this person must not raise his/her head or must he/she fall asleep too. In addition, he/she must not leave the cemetery before dawn; or his/her life would be in jeopardy.

In the event of transaction made, when the 'customers' put their money in the seller's hand and taking the salt; the seller must resist the temptation to peep at the 'customer's face (or very bad things will happen...)

Upon the first ray of morning sun, this salt seller must quickly pack up and picked up his 'hard earned' cash; and leave the cemetery before day breaks (or very bad things will happen...)

It is said that the money thus earn will not transform into 'hell notes' as the stories of mid-night taxi drivers.

Practically speaking, if you try this method in Singapore or Malaysia now a days; you may be robbed or be arrested in suspicion of drug addict! Of course, I could be wrong... Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Pontianak Of Mount Pleasant(快乐山女鬼)

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is situated around Upper Thomson Road and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Singapore, definitely a place for the brave and the bold ghost hunters.

This cemetery was originally part of 86 hectares Bukit Brown  Chinese cemetery, but the pan island highway cut the cemetery into two.

The Mount Pleasant Cemetery does not live up to its name 'pleasant' as the place is covered by shrubs and always dark and gloomy. Many passerby didn't even notice there is a cemetery located there.

There is one winding path lead to the cemetery entrance and many old graves are already in a decaying state.

It gets more eerie as the place is surrounded by Malay paduak (pterocarpus indicus) trees after night.
Of course the scariest of all is not those folks resting under the graves, but seeing pontianak flying from one tree to another accompanied by those eerie shrieks that could make anyone tremble with fears.

Legend has it that the predecessor of Mount Pleasant Cemetery was a Javanese village and many bomohs kept and controlled these pontianaks for their magical deployment.Although the village is no more in existence, those scary pontianaks still linger on and watch over the place.

Rumor has it that mutilated dead bodies with internal organs and reproduction organs were being scattered around the said cemetery. People believed that was the work of pontianak. Or perhaps the work of some meat eating animals since tigers were found and killed in that area some dog gone years.

About a decade ago, when I was posted to Singapore, I joined a friend to visit the Mount Pleasant Cemetery at night.

As we walked among the graves carefully, suddenly a white UFO whooped over our heads with shrieking sound.The incident happened so fast that by the time we lifted our head, the thing was gone. But we can still hear those scary crying sounds surrounding us for quite a while.Perhaps that was some kind of giant night bird we thought later.

I have not revisited Mount Pleasant since then. Perhaps the pontianaks or whatever they might be are still there. If you dare, do go and visit this place sometime and try your luck.

The Lady Behind Man (男人背后的女人)

This is a story told to me by a Thai friend and he assured me that this is a true story:

A very handsome sales person has successfully pursued the daughter of a rich businessman. Despite objected by her parents, this lady decided to marry the handsome guy of her choice.

However, a few years after their marriage; the man started to date other ladies. The wife eventually learnt of her husband's affair with other woman and she threatened that if her husband does not return to her side, she would commit suicide.

At first this man yielded to his wife's threat but after a while, he started to see other women again. 

Again, the wife repeated her threats but this time the husband decided not to return to his wife no matter what she said. In despair, the pregnant wife decided to commit suicide by jumping out of her apartment's balcony.

Now that this sales person is single and available again and he thought he would be able to fish any chicks as before, but almost all women he met would be attracted to him at first, then after chatting for a while, they would just turn their head and flee from him in a haste.

Not only the man's love life turned sour, his career as a sales person also being affected. Not only he failed to attract new customers, his old customers also started to shy away from him.

Gradually this salesman became lonely and out of job. Then one morning, after breakfast, he walked aimlessly in a street and a monk came towards him asking for alms. He gave the monk what was left in his wallet.

The monk paused and then looked at the man's face for a while; then the monk opened his mouth: "Generous donor, I am not supposed to take your donation as you need it more. But the Buddha is compassionate that led you to me.

I can see a lady spirit holding a baby following close at your back with hatred and sad stares. May I ask what had troubled you?"

On hearing the words, the sales man raised his head and look into the monk's face for quite a while and burst into tears: "That must be my wife... hadn't she let me go? I am broke and lonely... everything gone very wrong!"

The monk nodded his head and said: "Young man, your wife is full of hatred right now. You can only pacify her by engaging in dharma act and repent for your life..."

The salesman now on his knees and asked: "Can you show me the way?"

The monk subsequently brought the salesman to his temple and before long, he too became a monk.

If you would ask, this salesman turned monk is precisely the story teller.

After telling his story, he asked: "Is she still around?"

I pointed at his back and said: "Perhaps you need to work harder..."

The Arts Of Poisoning: Santau

Santau has been over-publicized and misunderstood over the years in Malaysia. It has became the collective noun for black magic and almost everything supernatural falls into this category; most of all a tool for some party to spread rumors and persecutions.

I believe the Malaysian Santau technique originates from India. As described in the book 'Malay Poisons and Charm Cures' by John D. Gimlette, Indian added poisons while making earth-wares to cause slow poisoning. While the old Malays smeared poisons on their keris so as to kill their enemies.

Many ingredients used in making santau are described in the above mentioned book. The technique of making santau is much more advance and lethal than the Indochinese Phi Phop (琵琶鬼) or the Chinese 'mountain-wind poison' (蛊毒).

As with all systems, a spirit is required as an agent for transmitting poisons although the actual one who drops poisons is still the sorcerer himself/herself.

As mentioned before, the purpose of administering santau or related techniques is for money mainly and revenge secondary. 

Many stories told of travelers and especially merchants in isolated locations in Southern China and Indochina were being killed by unscrupulous rest house owners for their money. It is believed that the souls of those killed by santau type of poison are forced to serve the santau practitioner. Similar rumors were also went viral earlier in Malaysia that certain restaurant owners would drop santau in their dishes to poison their customers.

It is believed that a santau practitioner must 'sacrifice' one life in 3 years or his/her santau spirit will devour the master. But I think the main motivation is for money than for keeping ghosts to serve the sorcerer.

Since materials for santau making are irritants: glasses, bamboo hairs, caterpillars etc., once this mixtures are consumed; it directly attack the digestive and respiratory systems. Thus causing coughing, vomiting or difficulty to breathe. If lethal poisons are added, the victim may die in relatively short time.

So, logically speaking; the effects of santau are purely physical and nothing spiritual. Until today, I am not sure why spirits such as Hantu Raya or Phi Phops are employed in santau sort of systems.
I have major headache when people blamed a person of different characters a potential santau caster over some perhaps their own health problems, or even of jealousy in nature. Now you know what santau really is, stop persecuting others please.

Santau By Friend? Maybe Not!

Below is a story from a friend, Minah suspecting her friend of casting 'santau':

"Previously, I am a factory worker staying in a hostel with 5 other friends. So, there are 6 of us and two persons share one room. I stayed with my old school mate while others only known after I start working with this factory.

Just for the purpose of telling story, I will call my 5 other friends as: Alice, May, Jess, Joy and Mary. Among the 5, Alice is know of her special ability to 'see ghosts' at all times. She is quite weak and her family also said to possess a 'saka' (heirloom spirit) and they are also victims of 'santau' by their neighbor.

Alice and I were roommates. One day, Alice was seriously ill. According to Alice, she returned home to receive treatment. Before Alice leave, she told me that there one of our housemate was the culprit of casting 'santau' on her due to jealousy.

In addition, all 5 of us also suffered from consuming 'foreign material' except Mary. It was a fact that Mary was the one who was so willing to cook for us.

Alice said that she saw a spirit in our hostel all the while but she just ignored the spirit as it seemed harmless. No wonder Joy kept complaining that the toilet door was being knocked when she was in the toilet!

I was curious as why Alice suspected Mary was the culprit and her reason was that one of her visiting relatives was possessed by this spirit. This spirit spoke through the relative's mouth that it hated Alice because of her beauty... 

Alice's father quickly brought Alice and the possessed one to see a 'bomoh' (witch doctor) and after some treatment, the spirit was captured.

Strange thing during the same night, Mary became restless and quite jumpy compared to her normal calm self. When I looked at Mary's face, she looked as if someone was seriously sick panting for breathe.

I remembered Joy once told me that Mary acted strangely talking to thin air every evening in the kitchen. When asked, Mary only answered that she was just greeting her grandmother... Strangely speaking, Mary's grandma has gone to the other side for many years as far as Joy knew...

Personally, I pity Alice as she has suffered a lot. According to Alice, once she almost fell from the 2nd floor workplace. As the story goes, while Alice was working, she heard someone called her name. Due to curiosity, Alice went out to investigate. Suddenly, Alice saw her father called her at ground floor.

Just as when Alice was walking towards her father, her supervisor shouted at her and all of a sudden; Alice suddenly awakened and her  father was no where to be found..."

When asked to comment, I told Minah that the symptoms are not signs of 'santau'. Basically, santau is meant to take lives through poisoning. The purpose of casting 'santau' is for revenge and the sure sign is vomiting of foreign objects or blood. It is a means to 'kill and rob' travelers' especially merchants' goods or fortunes while keeping their souls as servants of black magicians.

Minah's story is only product of active imaginative minds unfortunately speaking...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Aunty Immortal Ho (何仙姑)

This Aunty Immortal Ho is not the Taoist Immortal Ho in Taoist belief system. But since Aunty Ho claimed to be the descendant of Taoist Ho, I will just take her words in respect of her divine status.

I come to know Aunty Ho in a Eric's house. It was then claimed that his house was being overtaken by 100 vampires (僵尸) and their leader is a centennial old master vampire (千年僵尸王).

I was there as a spectator as I heard that Aunty Ho is extremely powerful and that she could summon and order those high and mighty gods to serve her. This ability of hers is what I want to see as I felt so little compared to Aunty Ho.

So I was in Eric's house and Aunty Ho was already standing in the living room. She didn't have any ritual setups... just one male assistant behind her.


This assistant started to vomit: "Wackk.. wackk.."

Eric explained that when this gentleman 'sensed' the presence of evil spirits, he will start vomiting.
At the same time, Aunty Ho rushed to a corner and pointed her finger towards the corner and yelled into the air: "Don't think I cannot see you!"

"You don't challenge my authority! Do you think I don't dare to destroy you!?" She continued though I could see nothing and hear nothing.

Then Aunty Ho turned her head and spoke to the air again: "Jade Emperor, command your heavenly soldiers to kill them all!"

After a while, Aunty Ho held her hands in prayer's position and chanted some mantras.

We all stood in awe silently while holding our breaths watching Aunty Ho in action.

A few minutes later, Aunty Ho proclaimed: "Ah! I have finally destroyed this 1000 year old vampire king. He and his relatives will not trouble you anymore!"

Her assistant immediately came to Eric and protruded his hand, and said: "$1,000 please for your merit creation! We take cards too!"

I left Eric's house a little low in esteem thinking since I saw and felt nothing...

About one month later, Eric complaint to me that his problem has returned. He has tried to contact Aunty Ho but she said that she was too busy.

I couldn't resist Eric's nagging so I followed him back to his house with my compass.

After taking some readings, I found Eric's problems were due to flying star 2, 6 and 5. Further, his house was too dark and lacks good ventilation. No wonder the whole household was feeling sick and seeing things.

My solutions for Eric is cheap and simple of course. But I decided not to inform him since he did not believe me in the first place.