Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Restless Sister (不能长眠的姐姐)

Mr. Chong's sister, Jane died in a freak accident a few years ago in KL but since Chong's parents were free thinkers, and that Jane was still single then; no dead ritual was done for Jane then.

A few weeks ago, Chong contacted me to ask me to perform a 'soul calling' (招魂) for Jane because he dreamed of Jane consecutively for a few nights. The dreams were quite identical as recalled by Chong: Jane would appear in front of Chong wearing blood stained clothing begging him to 'bring her home'.

Since Jane died for quite some time now, I was not confident if it was possible to summon Jane's soul as she might already become wandering spirits and that she may not be staying around the place where she met her doom.

Nonetheless, we went to the place where Jane died and performed a short soul calling ritual with Jane's old clothing. Immediately after the ritual, Jane was summoned into her clothing and it was brought back to Penang for further deliverance ritual.

I was not very fond of performing dead rituals for the dead. So, I passed the job to another Taoist. As I sat in an arm chair in a corner dozing off due to tiredness, the chanting of the Taosit sounded like lullaby song and I quickly entered into my dreamland.

Suddenly I saw a lady came before me. Before I could open my mouth, she introduced herself as Jane. 

Jane started to say: "Can you help to advise Chong to be careful as I have helped him 4 times already or else he would already be accompanying me by now. After tonight, I won't be able to help him anymore?"

Before I could make head or tail of what Jane said, she disappeared and I was awakened by a few drops of water sprayed by the Taoist for purification purposes.

I waited until Chong was available and pulled him aside; and asked if he had experienced any life and death matter lately.

Chong stunned and quite reluctantly he quietly said: "I had some near missed which nearly took my life:

The first incident happened when I forgot to pull my hand brake as I parked my car on a slope. My car plunged into a 10m ravine but I was just in time to get out of my car.

The second incident happened when I was trying to help a friend to fight a robber. I was stabbed in my abdomen but the advancing knife was stopped by hitting my phone...

The third incident occurred when I was opened my car door to check on my tyre beside a highway. A lory came from behind and hit the door nearly missed me. I could only think of the worse if I came out of my car a few seconds earlier...

The fourth incident occurred one week ago, a wooden chair fell onto the floor beside me when I was walking below a flat..."

After hearing Chong's story, I told of my very strange dream about Jane. Chong silent for a while and said: "It was Jane alright. She was always take caring of me since small. Maybe she can finally rest in peace."

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tiger Of The River: Toman (淡水之虎:多曼)

I visited Mersing again with Yusof a few months later. He drove his four wheel drive into a native village just before the Mersing town.

The rain started to fall not long after the four wheel drive entered into a mud lane. It wasn't a pleasant journey that I can tell you: our vehicle passed through streams, mud pools, went up slopes and uneven terrain. I once suspected that I could hear sounds of my internal organs banging into each other.

Luckily, the rain stopped after we arrived at a river mouth where fog could be seen congregated momentarily before being dispersed by wind blowing down from the valley.

Tropical trees grown in abundance on both sides of the bank; millions of water droplets fell from the trees following the bellowing of the mountain wind. 

One particular spectacle monkey attracted my attention as it jumped from one tree branch to another. 

At one point the monkey dived till the lowest point of a tree branch and created the river water to splash. With the springing back of the tree branch, the monkey swiftly returned to the tree top.

I became attracted by the monkey's game and started to pay attention to it. After the monkey repeated his game of swinging up and down repeatedly a few times, during the final time that its tail entered into the river; a giant snakehead suddenly torpedoed up from the bottom of the river toward the monkey. The snakehead opened its bloody mouth filled with saw-like teeth and it bit the monkey.

Before the poor monkey could scream, the predator fish and the monkey both fell into the river and disappeared leaving the river water to be stained with blood.

Other monkeys on the tree were stirred with fear. They shook the tree branches and screamed loudly. The commotion lasted for a minute or so but their unfortunate companion would not return.

While I have heard of monkeys being attacked by predator animals like snakes and tigers, this was the first time I witnessed a monkey attacked by snakehead!

I would have guessed the predator fish to be more than 10kg in weight judging from the way it swam and jump out from the river. This fish should be much heavier than the one that was caught by a French in Thailand. His game fish was then weighing 7.5kg IGFA record.

Toman is perhaps at the top of the food chain in Malaysian fresh waters. However, it is not a fish of choice in restaurants as its meat is rough and tasteless. Toman also has no known medicinal effects. 

As far as I know, snakehead fish is hunted because anglers like the thrill of struggling with the fish and the sense of victory when the giant snakehead is finally being pulled out from the water.

The Fresh Water Killer (淡水杀手)

 A lake can become barren due to over-harvesting. So can a river.

A few years ago, I bought a new artificial fish bate and wanted to try my luck. So I visited Yusof and together with a few friends, we went to a river flowing through the heart of a jungle near Mersing, Johor to fish.

According to Yusof, a decade ago, the location was a place filled with many varieties of fresh water game fishes: toman (snakehead), sebarau (hampala), red and green kelah (mahseer), giant catfish, belidah (Asian knifefish) and etc.

It was a treasure chest of precious tropical fishes but now there were hardly any big fishes left. Well, since we were already at the place; we just had to try our luck and pray.

I cast my bate into the middle of the river and slowly retrieving the fishing line. The fish bate moved swiftly swayed left and right as if a small fish negotiating river current. Not long after that, I felt there was a bite on the line and my fishing rod took a dip.

It was quite a small fish judging from the bent of my fishing rod but I wasn't ready to let it off the hook. So, I relaxed my fishing line a little to prepare for a tug-of-war game with the fish.

The cunning fish swam into grass beside the river bank. I managed to tighten my fishing line and managed to pull the fish away from the grass and into my view. I tried to prevent the fish from swimming into dead woods which would cause the line to be entangled and snap.

After some struggle, the fish seemed to be lethargic and the line felt light. I hastily retrieved my fish line and just as I saw the fish head and about to pull it out of the water; suddenly I felt there was a strong tug and the line again dipped into the water.

In a split of a second and while I was lax, the fishing line was being pulled away me into the middle of the river. In a rush, I quickly pulled up the line and it managed to take load again. The fishing rod became full bow and I thought that I was caught by surprised by a large size fish instead of a small one.

Before I was preparing to start another tug-of-wall with the fish, the fishing line suddenly became lose and I thought the fish had finally gave up struggle. So I happily and quickly retrieved my fish line... And before I could show my victorious smile, to my surprised; my fish only left with its head opening and closing grasping for air...

Maybe it was really the case of a hunter being hunted. It was the hard lesson given by the killer fresh water fish that roams Malaysian waters: the infamous toman fish (giant snakehead).

After the incident, Yusof consoled me and brought me  to his fish farm where I can fish freely for some siakap fish (Asian sea bass) without the fear of my prays being consumed by larger fishes.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Betta Fish Magic (斗鱼术)

In old Indochina, mountain tribes used to practise a type of magic that has no parallel in the Western world. The Chinese call it 'gu' (蛊) and the Thai call it 'phi phop'.  I call 'gu' as 'mountain-wind' taken from I-Ching.

The method of practising this 'gu' is simple: first a few types of poisonous creatures such as snakes, scorpions, lizards, toads, centipedes etc. are placed inside a small urn. The urn is sealed and buried underground. After 49 days, those poisonous creatures would devour each other until the very last one.

This last survivor is known as 'gu' and it has magical power that can bind with the practitioner's soul and bestow the person with wealth and power. The type of 'gu' depends on what creature is left: if a snake is left, then it is the 'snake gu'.

Personally speaking, keeping betta fishes are just like practicising 'gu' magic because there is only one winner among all of those betta fishes. The process of getting the 'king betta' is similar to putting betta fishes into a tank and let them fight each other to death.

Except for keeping a betta fish as ornamental purposes, it is difficult to judge which betta fish is the best fighter for gaming intent.

The fierceness of a betta must be cultivated from within. The judgement must be made from the continuous battle stamina of a particular fish due to the fact that it is not possible to judge a betta fish from its colorful appearances like other ornamental fishes.

The mind of a betta fish can bind into the keeper's mind over time. When my betta fishes opened up their gills and stared at me with their totally black eyes, I would feel a sense of chillness perhaps due to the hidden and more powerful spirits behind those small creatures.

From my own experience of keeping betta fishes for many years, the betta fish nature can be shown in the keeper's human nature. Hence, by looking at the behavior of a betta fish master, I could perhaps understand the battle ability of the betta fish.

For example, if the fish owner looked fierce, cruel and arrogant; then his betta fishes would behave as such as betta fishes should not be too 'merciful' so said.

In earlier years, most betta fishes are caught from the rivers and their battle ability depends on a person's luck and the genetics of the fish. Though there were many uncertainties, the fun part is that all of those fishes were 'free-of-charge'.

Now a days with so many cross breeding and sky rocket prices, I am no longer interested in keeping commercially produced betta fishes as they all lacked the 'touch of the nature'.

Betta fishes should ideally be fed with life bate such as worms or larvae of mosquitoes as life bates increase the fierceness of betta fishes. I used to feed small betta fishes with life bates and after only one month, their untamed violent behaviors starting to show.

I used to purposely let mosquitoes sucked my blood and waited until the mosquitoes are filled before slapping them to dead. The combined mosquito with human blood were then fed to my beloved betta fishes. While watching the betta fishes consuming those bloody mosquitoes, I felt as if I was feeding 'ghost kids' (鬼仔).

In order to increase the battle power of betta fishes, there is a mantra used to empower those fishes. I have posted the mantra in the blog if you are interested.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Body Locks (封身)

Almost all Asian magic traditions has one type of 'body locking' method or another.

In Thai magic, there are two types of 'body locks': the active and the passive.

The active body locking method applies to an aggressive person and wild animals, while the passive body locking applies to the body of the magician himself.

For example, if a magician is facing an insane and mentally sick person who is about to attack the magician, then this magician will chant 'om arahan' and blow a breath at the person to stop being attacked by the lunatic.

Similar active body locking method can be used to treat wild animals in the jungle too.

On the other hand, passive body locking method applies on the body of the magician himself for his own protection normally before this magician is about to take a long journey and that there are potential dangers along the road.

Old folks believe that whether a person is dead or alive, he should make all efforts to let his family members known. This is perhaps not a problem in modern times as the messages can be sent across very quickly.

In old time when a person must travel over hundreds of miles between two villages that were separated by maiden jungles, then a reliable method to make sure the person arrives at the destination 'dead or alive' is very important.

In traditional Thai magic, passive body locking ritual will ensure that a potential traveler reaches his final destination by whatever means. Even in today's situation, this passive body locking is still relevant and I myself am practising it consistently before I go into a jungle. Hence the effectiveness of body locking ritual should not be doubted.

The body locking ritual works on the belief that a person will not die if his soul and body remain intact. So, body locking is actually locking one's body and soul together with the help of the person's guardian spirit.

Once a passive body locking ritual is performed, the magician would be in a semi-trance state and the spell would remain so long as he does not consume water and food. In order to prevent the body locks from becoming void during a journey, foods should be taken in a specific way which differs from master to master.

In common practice, simple body lock ritual can be done by chanting a mid-length mantra accompanied with simple hand gestures. This common body lock ritual should be 'unlocked' once the magician arrived at a destination normally by invoking the help of 'lersi' or his lineage master or no one will notice his presence.

There is a more extensive uncommon body lock ritual that incorporates the immortality ritual. This is a more extensive ritual that requires a practitioner to spend one hour a day over a period of 9 months.

Personally, I like the simple one best however. If you are persistent, then you will find that Thai magic is a day to day magic and it is very practical.

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland VII (云顶鬼故事VII)

The Counting Game (数人游戏)

Have you heard this type of game before? Well, to others; this is a type of senseless spirit communication game liked by youths once upon a time.

This story went back till the time after my O Level exam. 

One week after the examination, a group of my friends and I, 7 girls and 7 boys decided to go to Genting Highland for a visit.

We checked into 1st World Hotel and though we spent the day together in the theme park,at night the boys decided to go to the casino to try out luck while the girls decided to stay in the hotel room to chat.

After a while, one of the girls, Lisa suggested that they played a type of spirit communication games. No one objected and the game hence started.

There were two beds in the room, so the girls managed to join the beds and all of them laid in the bed. So as to increase the effect of the game, the room lighting was dimmed until only the silhouette of the players can barely be identified.

Lisa rose up and started to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Then Mary who was beside Lisa continued: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Then Alice also counted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

The first round of counting went on pretty daunting for first few rounds until it was Lisa's turn again: She again counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...

Wait, this couldn't be correct. But Lisa thought it was only her mind that was playing the tricks in the dark.

Then Mary continued to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Alice also counted 8 and there is apparently an additional person hiding within the girls. Who was the 8th person?

The counting game continued until the last person, that is the 8th person stood up... All the girls at once looked at she or rather 'it'. It has extremely long hair that covered the whole body. Though its face cannot be clearly viewed, its long sticking tongue did observe to be hanging out until waist level.

Lisa started to yell out 'pontianak!' (female vampire) and rushed out from the room... and the rest of the girls followed closely behind.

The girls were just on time to bang into the boys who came back from the casino. The gang entangled together and fell down on the door in the corridor.

After entangling ourselves, Lisa told us their ghostly experience but none of us wanted to believe. So, we accompanied the girls to their room and there we all saw 'it' waving at us outside of the window...

Needless to say, the 14 of us cramped into one room for that night until the next morning. And we skipped the breakfast and hasitily rushed down the Genting Highland first thing in the morning.

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland VI (云顶鬼故事VI)

Puppy From Hell (地狱狗)

Once my aunt went to Genting Highland with her family. My uncle was gambling in the casino; my cousin brother, James was playing computer games in the entertainment center while my aunt and my cousin sister was already resting in their hotel room.

Since the entertainment center closed at midnight, my cousin had to return to the room to rest.

According to James, he suddenly developed an uneasy feeling while he was opening the door. He felt there was a cold breeze followed him in but he thought that it was just his over active mind after hours of staring at the computer monitor.

After taking a quick shower, James hit the hay in another bed beside his mom and sister's.

About half an hour later, James heard something was scratching at the front door. So, he went to open the door and as soon as the door was opened, James saw a cute white color puppy wriggled at him.

Feeling surprised, James turned his back to call for his mom: "Hey, mom! Look what I found!"

"Oh! Shuht up and go to bed!" My aunt was too lazy to patronize his son.

James shrugged and before he was to turn his back and shut the door, the puppy was no where to be found.

James shrugged again, closed the door and returned to his bed.

Perhaps it was due to the excitement of computer games, James flipped and turned in his bed and he just couldn't sleep. Suddenly, he saw the mysterious white puppy jumped into his mom's bed and then started to jump up and down and over his mom and sister.

That has certainly agitated my aunt and she start scolding: "James! If you don't want to sleep, I want to!"

The commotion halted and the puppy vanished into thin air. James was feeling quite indignant as he has done nothing wrong but he couldn't explain what had happened.

After a while, James felt a fluffy stuff jumped into his bed and crawled into his blanket. Then he felt something was licking his soles and he felt itchy and giggled: "He! he! he! Stopped it!"

James's giggling voice has again agitated his mom and again she scolded: "Boy! If you don't want to sleep, go outside!"

Felling frustrated, James said: "It was the PUPPY!" 

At this point, my aunt came out from the bed, switched on the light and came to James's bed: "What PUPPY!? Your dad will learn of your mischievous behavior!"

Before James could open his mouth to argue, James, his mom and sister all heard some fierce gnawing and scratching sounds outside of the room. It sounded like a huge animal tried to enter into the room from outside.

The horrific sounds persisted for a few minutes and then suddenly halted following the noise of someone was opening the door... Panicked, my aunt picked up a drinking glass on the table and threw at the door as it begun to open.

A figure entered the room and it was my uncle... And the drinking glass missed my uncle's by a few inches and it hit the wall opposite the door and shattered.

Stunt, my uncle said: "Just because I came back late, you don't have to kill me... And, what was there a white puppy rushing out of the room?"

Of course, no one wanted to talk about the bizarre incident and the mysterious white puppy until they returned from Genting Highland.

Until today, my uncle still thinks that my aunt was angry at him because he has lost some money in the casino that night...