Friday, November 24, 2017

The Cult Of Phra Ngang (榜眼教派)

Phra Ngang is a fable character but it is worshiped by Casanova in East and West, male and female as believers think Phra Ngang can bestow them with super attractive power to gain money and power.

Many people contacted me just because they wanted to get their hands on this Phra Ngang manual. Now I will reveal this Phra Ngang practices to you for your references.

Please bear in mind that I don't believe in Phra Ngang and hence, I am not sure what will come to you once you follow the invocation ritual and recite the mantra.

As far as I know, none of those who aimed for women/men and money through Phra Ngang had any good endings. Many people ended up in court cases and lost what they possessed after a while.

The ritual in this blog refers to the 'standard Thai Phra Ngang', the Cambodian Phra Ngang ritual has already posted. Perhaps I shall move the two Phra Ngang rituals in one single blog.

Finally, your discretion is advised when reading such materials.

Please refer to:

The Cult of Phra Ngang

Warning: This blog is for Thai magic practitioners only. The contents may not be suitable for general reading..

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Hole & Light Theory (黑洞与光论)

I do occasionally received some interesting visitors and this is just one of the many:

A lady dropped at my place and we started to chat just about anything until she suddenly blurred out:

"When you have seen the light, you are already in a black hole!"

I got a stunned and starred at her. Feeling uneasy of my odd expression, the lady started to explain:

"Well, you see. Isn't it is true that black hole sucks just about everything including light? If you see the 'LIGHT', then you maybe already sucked into the black hole already..."

Hmm... The lady did has a point: If you are not already in a black hole, how can the LIGHT come to you?

Somehow long after the lady left, her black hole and light theory echoed in my mind for a very long time until I decided to put it down before I forget this ingenious theory. 

To put it more philosophically though, we can interpret the saying according to our own perspectives:

If we are worldly folks, the above sentence can be read as:

"Oh, shit! We realized too late!"

If we are of more religious type, then we can read the sentence as:

"Pray to the LIGHT before it is too late!"

Of If we are of more scientific and futuristic type:

"Our spaceship is already in a black hole..."

There are many way to look at the 'theory of black hole and light', how would you see it?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Grave Keeper's Stories (守墓者的故事)

One night I was passing beside a Malay cemetery and stumbled across Pak Samad who worked as a grave keeper. So we habitually started to chat and coincidentally the sky started to drizzle. Since none of us had the intention to cut short our conversation then; Pak Samad invited me to a Mamak stall to have a cup of 'tea tarik' (pulled milk tea).

After a few sips of thick milk tea, I was curious if Pak Samad had any bizarre experience while working in the graveyard. Perhaps that had triggered Pak Samad's chatter box and he started to talk. So as to encourage him to talk further, I ordered two pieces of 'roti canai' (flying pancake). 

Perhaps food can really close the gap between people, once our stomachs were filled; Pak Samad started to talk:

Unlike burial customs of other religions, Muslim burial service should ideally be done as soon as possible upon death, or at most within 24 hours.

So, in many occasions Pak Samad must work in the middle of the night to prepare for the forthcoming burial requests.

One midnight as Pak Samad had completed some work in the cemetery he worked in, just as when he was about to leave, he suddenly heard weeping sound came from the further end of the graveyard. 

Pak Samad was curious as no one would be visiting graveyard in the dead of the night. Due to curiosity than fear, he ventured to the grave where the weeping sound came from...

As he was approaching the grave, he saw a man was squatting beside a grave and continued to weep. Pak Samad approached the man from behind and then tapped the man's shoulder and said: "Brother, what are you doing in the graveyard in the middle of the night?"

The man stopped weeping and turned his back. When Pak Samad and the man met face to face, Pak Samad saw that the man has no eye balls... instead, the man's eyes were just hollow holes... The man is not human!

In a state of fright, Pak Samad took a step back and fell backwards and sat on the floor while crying out the God's name loudly...

When Pak Samad wanted to look at the person again, he has vanished. After some frantic search around the cemetery area, there was no one there except Pak Samad.

In another occasion, Pak Samad was looking for a pair of tombstones in the storeroom at night preparing for a burial service scheduled at dawn. After searching high and low, the tombstones seemed to have disappeared.

Pak Samad was certainly in a state of panic as he may be blamed by the deceased's relatives for creating troubles and inconveniences in a few hours' time.

As a last resort, Pak Samad decided to dig into the store room again for a last check. Just as when he was searching frantically while bending his back, he heard foot steps walking into the store room from outside.

It was a series of 'thump, thump..." and the sound stopped right at Pak Samad's back. He thought it might be the gravedigger, Ali. So Pak Samad turned his back and opened his mouth: "Hey, Ali..."

Before Pak Samad could finish, his jaw dropped and there he saw a man holding a piece of tombstone that Pak Samad was frantically searching for. The man was quite cold without facial expressions. He asked Pak Samad: "Brother, can you show me my grave?"

Pak Samad was stunned as he has never seen the man before but before Pak Samad could scratch his heads, the mysterious stranger has vanished! In place, there was a pair of tombstones that Pak Samad had searched throughout the night!

And in one more occasion, Pak Samad was taking a night watch in the cemetery, he heard a lady's voice calling his name...

So, Pak Samad traced the voice to a huge tree in the grave. As he approached the tree, he noticed an awfully foul smell similar to rotten flesh. When Pak Samad approached beneath the tree, he instinctively raised his head and...

There he saw a woman in white was sitting on a tree branch waving her hands at Pak Samad... Without second words, Pak Samad ran as fast as possible into the cemetery store room and recited some prayers to calm himself.

The rain soon stopped, before we parted; I asked Pak Samad what motivated him to continue his carrier as a grave keeper. And his answer was quite philosophical: "Well, we all will die some day. I might as well get used to the graveyard before my time is up."

Monday, November 20, 2017

Introduction To Taoist Spiritual Practices (道法通灵)

Taoist magic is perhaps a lost art in Asian countries now a days. When quoting 'Taoist magic', I consciously exclude the 'ceremonial school' (科仪派) as this school cannot represent Taoist magic communities.

We can perhaps catch a glimpse of more complete Taoist magic rituals among the Chinese minorities such as Yao and Miao tribes. Although Taoist magic comes with many varieties, their structures are almost similar.

The first step is always the 'spiritual practices' (通灵术). These 'spiritual practices'  comprised of a set of exercises aimed to purify a student's soul and enhance his/her soul power (灵力). It is hoped that eventually this inspired Taoist practitioner will be able to communicate and receive further teachings from his/her grand master from the other side.

It is perhaps fair to say that Taoist spiritual practices are a set of foundation practices for a Taoist before embarking on more advance and harmful rituals. It is hence very important for a student to pay particular attentions at the initial stage or he/she will find him/herself helpless and not making any progress as he/she proceeded to a more advance ground.

Unlike the Western magic schools, Taoist magic schools do not particularly label themselves as 'good' or 'bad', 'white magic' or 'black magic'. As we shall see later, all Taoist magic schools have some sort of good and bad magic. This is coincided with the Yin-Yang philosophy.

The basic structure of Taoist spiritual practices are basically the same:

  1. The guru's ritual (度师法)
  2. The purification ritual (水法)
  3. Spiritual enhancement rituals (练形法)
  4. Meditation method (静坐法)
  5. Eye opening (开眼法)
If we examine the above structure carefully, we would notice that the above rituals should be practised consecutively: one follows the other every morning. These rituals are also normally a Taoist's daily opening ritual.

Once someone has mastered the foundation practices, then he/she can proceed to healing rituals, cursing or blessing rituals as we shall see...

If you are interested in Taoist spiritual practices in Yao tradition, then below is the link:

I have to apologize that all materials are in Chinese at the moment. The reason is obvious: if I translate them into English, I will not have the time to complete posting.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Restless Sister (不能长眠的姐姐)

Mr. Chong's sister, Jane died in a freak accident a few years ago in KL but since Chong's parents were free thinkers, and that Jane was still single then; no dead ritual was done for Jane then.

A few weeks ago, Chong contacted me to ask me to perform a 'soul calling' (招魂) for Jane because he dreamed of Jane consecutively for a few nights. The dreams were quite identical as recalled by Chong: Jane would appear in front of Chong wearing blood stained clothing begging him to 'bring her home'.

Since Jane died for quite some time now, I was not confident if it was possible to summon Jane's soul as she might already become wandering spirits and that she may not be staying around the place where she met her doom.

Nonetheless, we went to the place where Jane died and performed a short soul calling ritual with Jane's old clothing. Immediately after the ritual, Jane was summoned into her clothing and it was brought back to Penang for further deliverance ritual.

I was not very fond of performing dead rituals for the dead. So, I passed the job to another Taoist. As I sat in an arm chair in a corner dozing off due to tiredness, the chanting of the Taosit sounded like lullaby song and I quickly entered into my dreamland.

Suddenly I saw a lady came before me. Before I could open my mouth, she introduced herself as Jane. 

Jane started to say: "Can you help to advise Chong to be careful as I have helped him 4 times already or else he would already be accompanying me by now. After tonight, I won't be able to help him anymore?"

Before I could make head or tail of what Jane said, she disappeared and I was awakened by a few drops of water sprayed by the Taoist for purification purposes.

I waited until Chong was available and pulled him aside; and asked if he had experienced any life and death matter lately.

Chong stunned and quite reluctantly he quietly said: "I had some near missed which nearly took my life:

The first incident happened when I forgot to pull my hand brake as I parked my car on a slope. My car plunged into a 10m ravine but I was just in time to get out of my car.

The second incident happened when I was trying to help a friend to fight a robber. I was stabbed in my abdomen but the advancing knife was stopped by hitting my phone...

The third incident occurred when I was opened my car door to check on my tyre beside a highway. A lory came from behind and hit the door nearly missed me. I could only think of the worse if I came out of my car a few seconds earlier...

The fourth incident occurred one week ago, a wooden chair fell onto the floor beside me when I was walking below a flat..."

After hearing Chong's story, I told of my very strange dream about Jane. Chong silent for a while and said: "It was Jane alright. She was always take caring of me since small. Maybe she can finally rest in peace."

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tiger Of The River: Toman (淡水之虎:多曼)

I visited Mersing again with Yusof a few months later. He drove his four wheel drive into a native village just before the Mersing town.

The rain started to fall not long after the four wheel drive entered into a mud lane. It wasn't a pleasant journey that I can tell you: our vehicle passed through streams, mud pools, went up slopes and uneven terrain. I once suspected that I could hear sounds of my internal organs banging into each other.

Luckily, the rain stopped after we arrived at a river mouth where fog could be seen congregated momentarily before being dispersed by wind blowing down from the valley.

Tropical trees grown in abundance on both sides of the bank; millions of water droplets fell from the trees following the bellowing of the mountain wind. 

One particular spectacle monkey attracted my attention as it jumped from one tree branch to another. 

At one point the monkey dived till the lowest point of a tree branch and created the river water to splash. With the springing back of the tree branch, the monkey swiftly returned to the tree top.

I became attracted by the monkey's game and started to pay attention to it. After the monkey repeated his game of swinging up and down repeatedly a few times, during the final time that its tail entered into the river; a giant snakehead suddenly torpedoed up from the bottom of the river toward the monkey. The snakehead opened its bloody mouth filled with saw-like teeth and it bit the monkey.

Before the poor monkey could scream, the predator fish and the monkey both fell into the river and disappeared leaving the river water to be stained with blood.

Other monkeys on the tree were stirred with fear. They shook the tree branches and screamed loudly. The commotion lasted for a minute or so but their unfortunate companion would not return.

While I have heard of monkeys being attacked by predator animals like snakes and tigers, this was the first time I witnessed a monkey attacked by snakehead!

I would have guessed the predator fish to be more than 10kg in weight judging from the way it swam and jump out from the river. This fish should be much heavier than the one that was caught by a French in Thailand. His game fish was then weighing 7.5kg IGFA record.

Toman is perhaps at the top of the food chain in Malaysian fresh waters. However, it is not a fish of choice in restaurants as its meat is rough and tasteless. Toman also has no known medicinal effects. 

As far as I know, snakehead fish is hunted because anglers like the thrill of struggling with the fish and the sense of victory when the giant snakehead is finally being pulled out from the water.

The Fresh Water Killer (淡水杀手)

 A lake can become barren due to over-harvesting. So can a river.

A few years ago, I bought a new artificial fish bate and wanted to try my luck. So I visited Yusof and together with a few friends, we went to a river flowing through the heart of a jungle near Mersing, Johor to fish.

According to Yusof, a decade ago, the location was a place filled with many varieties of fresh water game fishes: toman (snakehead), sebarau (hampala), red and green kelah (mahseer), giant catfish, belidah (Asian knifefish) and etc.

It was a treasure chest of precious tropical fishes but now there were hardly any big fishes left. Well, since we were already at the place; we just had to try our luck and pray.

I cast my bate into the middle of the river and slowly retrieving the fishing line. The fish bate moved swiftly swayed left and right as if a small fish negotiating river current. Not long after that, I felt there was a bite on the line and my fishing rod took a dip.

It was quite a small fish judging from the bent of my fishing rod but I wasn't ready to let it off the hook. So, I relaxed my fishing line a little to prepare for a tug-of-war game with the fish.

The cunning fish swam into grass beside the river bank. I managed to tighten my fishing line and managed to pull the fish away from the grass and into my view. I tried to prevent the fish from swimming into dead woods which would cause the line to be entangled and snap.

After some struggle, the fish seemed to be lethargic and the line felt light. I hastily retrieved my fish line and just as I saw the fish head and about to pull it out of the water; suddenly I felt there was a strong tug and the line again dipped into the water.

In a split of a second and while I was lax, the fishing line was being pulled away me into the middle of the river. In a rush, I quickly pulled up the line and it managed to take load again. The fishing rod became full bow and I thought that I was caught by surprised by a large size fish instead of a small one.

Before I was preparing to start another tug-of-wall with the fish, the fishing line suddenly became lose and I thought the fish had finally gave up struggle. So I happily and quickly retrieved my fish line... And before I could show my victorious smile, to my surprised; my fish only left with its head opening and closing grasping for air...

Maybe it was really the case of a hunter being hunted. It was the hard lesson given by the killer fresh water fish that roams Malaysian waters: the infamous toman fish (giant snakehead).

After the incident, Yusof consoled me and brought me  to his fish farm where I can fish freely for some siakap fish (Asian sea bass) without the fear of my prays being consumed by larger fishes.